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The namesake of the renowned Costco store brand, this neighborhood is home to big homes...


Welcome to Kirkland

A waterfront neighborhood with a strong sense of community.

The namesake of the renowned Costco store brand, this neighborhood is home to big homes, big backyards, and big SUVs. Situated on the eastern shores of Lake Washington—Seattle shines to the west, with mountain views all in almost every direction.
Home to waterfront parks linked by a paved trail that’s open until dusk, Kirkland is the kind of place you can easily settle into. Along the water, you’ll also find restaurants, art galleries, a performing arts center, beaches, and even a public art collection comprised mainly of bronze sculptures.

What to Expect

It’s family-forward, in all directions—geared towards familiar encounters and memorable experiences.
Street fairs and summer stands are popular destinations, as is any opportunity to head down to one of Kirkland’s several beaches. And don’t be surprised if a bald eagle swoops down and grabs a bite of your snack. Take a boat tour, rent a SUP, or just sip a glass of Washington’s finest and watch the day go by.

The Lifestyle

A neighborhood that meanders on the weekend, plugs away all week and cheers loudest for the local teams.
It’s fitting that Kirkland won the Little League World Series in ‘82, this old steel town is built for it—with its strong work ethic and its innate desire to build things that last. It’s comfortably casual in every corner. There’s plenty of low-key things to occupy your time when the kids are at bay, too. From high-end boutiques to independent coffee houses and local pubs.

Unexpected Appeal

You, too, can live an incredibly Instagramable life.
Of all the eastside neighborhoods, Kirkland’s charm and sense of place stand alone. Its history and its well-trodden paths make it a must-see for modern-day settlers.

The Market

Average price points and a nice mix of modern and traditional dwellings.
Over 70% of the market is homeowners. There are lots of well-placed, amenity-rich apartments to choose from, as well.

You'll Fall in Love With

Living in a painting; a distinctly vibrant Pacific Northwest kind of painting.
Head into town for a walk around, venture out on one of the adjacent lakes or make tracks for the mountains. You’re close to a wide variety of things to entertain whatever energy level you’ve got.

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