Windermere Launches New Ultra-Luxury Brand: W Collection

W Collection

Anyone who has spent time in the Seattle area in recent years has likely seen for themselves how much the city has changed. Thanks in large part to the booming economy, growing tech sector, and increasing international appeal, Seattle is no longer a sleepy little city tucked away in the far corner of the United States. With this changing landscape has come an infusion of wealth that has seen the area’s high-net-worth population explode. And with it, so too has the ultra-high-end real estate market.

In order to meet the specialized needs of this burgeoning market, Windermere has launched W Collection, a new ultra-luxury brand specifically designed for homes priced at $3 million and above in Western Washington. OB Jacobi, President of Windermere Real Estate, says that Seattle’s population of “global affluent” is on the rise and they greatly value real estate. The proof is in the numbers.

Over the past five years there has been a significant increase in the number of home sales in the $3 million+ market. In 2011 there were only 45 such sales in King County, while in 2015 there were 131. “Windermere agents represent anywhere from 40-60 percent of the $3 million+ sales in the Seattle area, so we felt we were in the ideal position to build a brand that could provide enhanced marketing support to the growing number of ultra-luxury homes,” said Jacobi.

W Collection is its own standalone brand with a separate website,, signage, presentation materials, and specialized advertising opportunities. When developing W Collection, Jacobi said that the goal was to create a sophisticated, yet humble, brand that evokes the understated expression of wealth that is unique to the Pacific Northwest. “Our clients are not largely drawn to the shows of excessive wealth that you see at other companies and in other parts of the country. This is reflected in the W Collection brand,” said Jacobi.

The development of W Collection began a little over a year ago, and according to Jacobi, was a highly collaborative process with Windermere agents playing an integral role in every step, “Over the past 44 years some of Windermere’s best ideas have come from our agents who are totally in tune with the needs of their clients and the shifting demands of the market; W Collection was born from this same agent ingenuity.”

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The Trump effect. How will it impact the US economy and housing?


Many of my clients have asked me how the presidential election results might impact our housing market and economy.  Windermere’s Chief Economist, Matthew Garner, explains his perspective below.  As always, reach out to me with any questions – I’m never too busy to help with your real estate needs!

The Trump effect. How will it impact the US economy and housing?

Posted in Market News by Matthew Gardner, Chief Economist, Windermere Real Estate

The American people have spoken and they have elected Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States. Change was clearly demanded, and change is what we will have.

The election was a shock for many, especially on the West Coast where we have not been overly affected by the long-term loss in US manufacturing or stagnant wage growth of the past decade. But the votes are in and a new era is ahead of us. So, what does this mean for the housing market?

First and foremost I would say that we should all take a deep breath. In a similar fashion to the UK’s “Brexit”, there will be a “whiplash” effect, as was seen in overnight trading across the globe. However, at least in the US, equity markets have calmed as they start to take a closer look at what a Trump presidency will mean.

On a macro level, I would start by stating that political rhetoric and hyperbole do not necessarily translate into policy. That is the most important message that I want to get across. I consider it highly unlikely that many of the statements regarding trade protectionism will actually go into effect. It will be very important for President Trump to tone down his platform on renegotiating trade agreements and imposing tariffs on China. I also deem it highly unlikely that a 1,000-mile wall will actually get built.

It is crucial that some of the more inflammatory statements that President-Elect Trump has made be toned down or markets will react negatively. However, what is of greater concern to me is that neither candidate really approached questions regarding housing with any granularity. There was little-to-no-discussion regarding housing finance reform, so I will be watching this topic very closely over the coming months.

As far as the housing market is concerned, it is really too early to make any definitive comment. That said, Trump ran on a platform of deregulation and this could actually bode well for real estate. It might allow banks the freedom to lend more, which in turn, could further energize the market as more buyers may qualify for home loans.

Concerns over rising interest rates may also be overstated. As history tells us, during times of uncertainty we tend to put more money into bonds. If this holds true, then we may see a longer-than-expected period of below-average rates. Today’s uptick in bond yields is likely just temporary.

Proposed infrastructure spending could boost employment and wages, which again, would be a positive for housing markets. Furthermore, easing land use regulations has the potential to begin addressing the problem of housing affordability across many of our nation’s housing markets – specifically on the West Coast.

Economies do not like uncertainty. In the near-term we may see a temporary lull in the US economy, as well as the housing market, as we analyze what a Trump presidency really means. But at the present time, I do not see any substantive cause for panic in the housing sector.

We are a resilient nation, and as long as we continue to have checks-and balances, I have confidence that we will endure any period of uncertainty and come out stronger.

Matthew Gardner is the Chief Economist for Windermere Real Estate, specializing in residential market analysis, commercial/industrial market analysis, financial analysis, and land use and regional economics. He is the former Principal of Gardner Economics, and has over 25 years of professional experience both in the U.S. and U.K.

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Price Appreciation in 2015

2015 was another year for rising home prices in the greater Seattle area. Home prices have clearly recovered in King County – with the median home price surpassing pre-recession levels.  A major contributing factor to these rising home prices is depleted inventory – King County dropped to less than one month of supply (a "balanced market" is considered 4-6 months of housing supply).

The map below shows the median price increase by area in the Seattle and Eastside markets. West Bellevue had the greatest price appreciation at 22.7% – which is also significant as the average sale price in 2015 was over $2,000,000. Top rated schools, attractive neighborhoods and proximity to downtown Bellevue and Seattle drew luxury home buyers both locally and from overseas, especially China, to this coveted community. Not surprisingly, areas further away from the city cores, such as Juanita and Redmond, did not experience as much price appreciation on the Eastside. 

In Seattle, Beacon Hill and Shoreline experienced the greatest median price increases – while Capitol Hill only increased 2.2%. I think the affordability of areas further away from downtown such as Shoreline, Kenmore and Beacon Hill – combined with record low inventory in Seattle – drew buyers to these areas and contributed to the price appreciation there.  The average sale price in those areas last year was around $500,000 – whereas the average sale price on Capitol Hill was nearly $900,000.

2015 was Seattle's fourth year of home price increases – putting us in year five of a strong seller's market. Inventory continues to be the biggest problem for buyers and local economists report they see no signs of a housing bubble in our area. Predictions are that 2016 will be another hot year for real estate – however price appreciation is expected to increase less dramatically than last year. If you've ever considered selling, NOW IS THE TIME!


Appreciation by NWMLS Area (00000002)

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SeaFair 2014: Blue Angels Bridge Closures


How excited are you for the Blue Angels’ return to Seattle for Seafair 2014? They were missed last year!!

Along with their exciting air show, one of the big highlights of the Seafair weekend, come road closures during the Blue Angel practices and performances. I-90 will be closed to all vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, between Interstate-5 in Seattle to Island Crest Way on Mercer Island. The closures affect both east and westbound mainline lanes, plus the express lanes, and will start 30 minutes before the practice and show times. Below are the days/times that will kick off Thursday, July 31st.


  • Thursday, July 31: 9:45am-Noon & 1:15-2:40pm (Practice)
  • Friday, Aug 1: 12:15-2:40pm (Practice)
  • Saturday, Aug 2: 12:15-2:40pm (Full show)
  • Sunday, Aug 3: 12:15-2:40pm (Full show)


West Mercer Way from Roanoke Way to the SE 24th will also be closed to pedestrians and cyclists. But pedestrians and cyclists will be allowed on the bridge highrises to view the Blue Angels. During the closures, access on West Mercer Way from Roanoke Way to the 2100 block of West Mercer Way will be limited to residents and their guests. If you will be expecting guests during this time, please make sure they are prepared to provide your address to police in order to drive through this area during the closures.

The Seafair weekend is full of events on Lake Washington. To see the full schedule, click here. Besides the hydro races, there will be music, cooking and bbq demos, a Food and Wine Festival, the Seafair Clowns, and of course the Seafair Pirates. Seattle Metro is offering a free shuttle from the Columbia City Light Rail Station to Genesee Park to watch the Hydros race. On Friday, August 1st, the shuttle will run 7 am to 3pm— Saturday, August 2nd, 7 am to 11:15pm– Sunday, August 3rd, 7 am to 5:30pm.

Have a fun, fabulous and safe Seafair Weekend!

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This Weekend’s Events in Seattle: Better Plan Ahead with Viaduct Closure & Hot Chocolate Run

It's a fun weekend in Seattle!  Checkout the events below.   Plan ahead to avoid driving delays given the Alaskan Way Viaduct Closure and Sunday morning's Hot Chocolate 15k/5k run.


SEATTLE – Multiple events are planned for the coming weekend (today, through Sunday, March 2) at both the Seattle Center and the CenturyLink Field Events Center. Motorists should expect normal congestion associated with the events around both facilities.   There is, however, inspection work and one event that could slow you down if you don’t make plans: The Hot Chocolate 15k and 5k run on Sunday morning,  which will take advantage of the weekend semi-annual inspection closure of the Alaskan Way Viaduct; the run will also close SR 99/Aurora Avenue N up to N 48th  Street,  just south of the Woodland Park Zoo.  For more details, please see the following schedule.

Seattle Center activities:

Friday, February 28

Seattle Opera Performance of The Consul:  7:30 – 9:55 p.m.

McCaw Hall

2,900 attending

Expect heavier traffic on Mercer Street.


Saturday, March 1

Hot Chocolate 15k/5K Expo and Packet Pick-up:  10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Exhibition Hall

8,000 attending

Expect heavier traffic on Mercer Street.


Seattle University vs Idaho Men’s Basketball :  7 – 9:30 p.m.

Key Arena, Seattle Center

3,500 attending

Expect heavier traffic on the west side of the center grounds.


Seattle Opera Performance of The Consul:  7:30 – 9:55 p.m.

McCaw Hall

2,900 attending

Expect heavier traffic on Mercer Street.      


CenturyLink Field Event Center activities:

Friday – Sunday, February 28 – March 2

Seattle Golf & Travel Show:

CenturyLink Field Event Center

Attending:  Approximately 1,000 Friday and  2,500 per weekend day

Expect congestion surrounding stadium.


Northwest Outdoor Adventure Expo:

CenturyLink Field Event Center

Attending:  3,000 Friday and approximately 3,500 per weekend day

Expect congestion surrounding stadium.


Sunday, March 2

Hot Chocolate 15K & 5K: 5k run – 6:45 a.m.; 15k run – 7:40 a.m.

Gathers at Seattle Center

7,000 participants

Motorists should keep the follow closures in mind:

Closed 6 – 11 a.m.:  SR-99 between the Western Avenue off-ramp and N 48th Street (includes Aurora Bridge)

Closed from 6:30 – 11:30 a.m.: all other streets along the route

 5k route: Starts on Second Avenue N on Seattle Center campus; moves south on Second to Broad Street; west on Broad to Elliott Avenue; south on Elliott to Western Avenue; south on Western to approximately Pike Street; makes a U-turn, then goes north on Western to the northbound SR-99 Bell Street on-ramp; north on SR-99 to Republican Street; east on Republican to Dexter Avenue N; north on Dexter to Mercer Street; west on Mercer to Fifth Avenue. N; south on Fifth to Thomas Street; west on Thomas onto the Seattle Center grounds;

15K route: Starts on Second Avenue N on Seattle Center campus; south on Second to Broad Street; west on Broad to Elliott Avenue; south on Elliott to Western Avenue; south on Western to Spring Street; makes a U-turn, and then moves north on Western to the southbound SR-99 Battery Street off-ramp; then north on SR-99 to N 48th Street; does a  U-turn and goes south on Aurora to Republican Street; east on Republican to Dexter Avenue N; north on Dexter to Mercer Street; west on Mercer to Fifth Avenue N; south on Fifth to Thomas Street; west on Thomas onto Seattle Center grounds;

For more details please:

Key Construction /inspection closures:

Washington State Department of Transportation Alaskan Way Viaduct Semiannual Inspection, Friday, February 28 – Monday, March 3

  • Both directions of SR 99 will be closed between Valley Street and the south end of the Battery Street Tunnel from 10 p.m. Friday to 6 a.m. Saturday.
  • Both directions of SR 99 will be closed between Valley Street and South Spokane Street from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday.
  • Both directions of SR 99 will be closed between Valley Street and the south end of the Battery Street Tunnel from 6 p.m. Saturday to 6 a.m. Sunday.
  • Both directions of SR 99 will be closed between North 48th Street and South Spokane Street from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. Sunday.
  • Both directions of SR 99 will be closed between Denny Way and South Spokane Street from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday. 

Montlake Bridge: Washington State Department of Transportation will close a single lane in each direction of the Montlake Bridge (SR 513) – Saturday, March, 1, 6:30 a.m. – Noon. Maintenance crews will do repairs on the bridge.  Drivers should plan on delays.

First Hill Streetcar:  Saturday and Sunday, March 1 and 2 –  Partial intersection closures on S Jackson Street at Eighth Avenue S (Saturday) and S Jackson Street and Fifth Avenue S (Sunday).

Seattle Weekend Events provided by SDOT

Photo credit to Nat Rocket (see license).

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Where to Watch the Seahawks in the Super Bowl on Seattle’s Eastside

The excitement in Seattle for next weekend’s Super Bowl XLVIII game is palpable.  Blue and green are everywhere and Seattleites have really come together in support for our beloved Seahawks.  What better way to experience the energy, camaraderie and thrills of this momentous game than by watching it with others?


There are some great downtown Seattle bars to watch the Superbowl gameFor those of us east of the pond, here is a list of my favorite places (including some family friendly options) to watch the Super Bowl game on the Greater Eastside:


520 Bar and Grill                                                       
On Main Street in Old Bellevue, the 520 Bar and Grill is a personal favorite – the welcoming atmosphere, consistently great food at reasonable prices (don't miss the killer nachos!) and fun drink menu never fails to keep me coming back.  Not only is it kid-friendly, there isn’t a bad seat to watch the game due to the strategically mounted TV screens throughout the restaurant.  It’s hard to think of a cozier and more relaxed neighborhood bar & grill to watch the game with friends and family.

10146 Main St. Bellevue, WA 98004 (425) 450-0520

Rock Bottom Brewery

In the heart of downtown in the Bellevue Galleria, the Rock Bottom Brewery features tons of TV screens for viewing the big game including a 120 inch projection screen and 22 other TV screens throughout the bar and dining room.  Pub fare, house made beers, a family-friendly restaurant and 4 hours of validated parking make this a convenient and fun place to cheer on the Seahawks.  Can’t wait until kickoff to start watching and enjoying game day?  The Rock Bottom opens at 9:30am on Super Bowl Sunday.

550 106th Ave NE, Suite 103 Bellevue, WA 98004  (425) 462-9300


Taphouse Grill

Also located in the Bellevue Galleria is the Taphouse Grill.  The Taphouse features the largest selection of Northwest beers on tap and a wide variety of menu choices ranging from steak and sushi to more traditional pub food.  Plenty of screens throughout the restaurant and bar areas make this a great spot to witness the Legion of Boom!

550 106th Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98004  (425) 467-1730


Lunchbox Laboratory in Bellevue:

If you’re a burger fan and haven’t yet been to Lunchbox Laboratory, you’re missing out!  Burgers of uncommon combinations served alongside unique shakes, fries and eclectic cocktails make for a memorable and delicious meal.  The portions are HUGE and kids love it here.  Lunchbox Lab does football games very well – they even have a game menu with specials during all NFL games and Seahawks-inspired menu items – I dare you to try a Hawkbomb!

989 112th Ave NE Bellevue, WA  (425) 505-2676


Joey’s (the Lounge)

The Lounge at Joey’s restaurant in downtown Bellevue is a hip bar with walls of windows, plenty of TVs and a huge screen to watch the game right the heart of Bellevue’s shopping district.  21 and older only in the Lounge – the menu boasts a wide range of very good food (ahi tacos are a favorite!) and the comfy booths fill up quick.  Don’t come here if you’re looking for a quiet atmosphere – this lounge is happening and will be a lively place to watch the Super Bowl!

800 Bellevue Way NE Bellevue, WA 98004  (425)637-1177



The Lodge Sports Grille Kirkland

Located in the heart of downtown Kirkland, the Lodge is a wonderful place to watch the Hawks in all their glory.  The Lodge in Kirkland features 56 beers on tap and a view of Lake Washington along with ample screens to catch the game.  Ideally located at 107 Lake Street, this restaurant has a warm and comfortable vibe and is also family friendly – get there early, it’s a local favorite!

107 Lake Street Kirkland, WA 98033  (425) 202-7663


Mercer Island:

Roanoke Inn

This historic bar and oldest running business on Mercer Island opened in 1914 – it’s a favorite watering hole among locals and off-island patrons who appreciate it’s casual, neighborhood ambiance, pub fare (think chicken wings, nachos and signature burgers) and great beer selection on tap.  No kids allowed here – but if you’re in the mood to cheer on the Hawks by a fireplace with friendly fans in a nostalgic bar that feels like you may have stepped back in time – look no further than the “Roie” (as it’s called by us Islanders) for your Super Bowl experience.

1825 72nd Ave SE Mercer Island, WA 98040  (206) 232-0800

The Bar in the Islander

The recently re-opened and newly renovated Islander restaurant features a very cool spot to watch the game – the Bar.  Multiple screens, oversized booths and its new swanky interior provide a very fun atmosphere to cheer on the Seahawks. Though normally no reservations are taken in the Bar, the Islander is making an exception on February 2nd  – those 21 & older, call ahead to reserve your spot.  The Islander Bar is also having a Super Bowl Sunday raffle with various prizes and a game board ($1/square).

2441 76th Ave SE Mercer Island, WA 989040  (206) 232-6676


Of course, there are many more great spots around Seattle and Eastside to watch next Sunday’s Super Bowl game – what are your favorites? 



Seahawks photocredit to Philip Robertson (see license).


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Summer Events at Suncadia

Looking for some fun summer activites?  Suncadia Resort in nearby Cle Elum is offering a free outdoor summer concert series featuring Three Dog Night, Michael Powers, the Motown Cowboys, and more!  Concerts are located at the Suncadia Village Ampitheater, near the resort's beautiful accommodations, restaurants and winery.

During your visit, check out this prime, sunny building lot right on the Propsector golf course! This level parcel enjoys rare, sweeping views of the lake, 5th and 6th greens and fairway.  Save over $50,000 with building plans included!

Features include…

  • 12,197 Sq. Ft. of land
  • Building plans for a 3-bedroom home, pre-approved and ideally suited to the lot
  • Full Suncadia amenities, including golf courses, dining, winery, fishing, kid’s sports, spa, pools, trails & more!

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